Big Ideas in Solar - Opportunities for Investment.

Solar has a bright future with increasing deployment all around the globe. Innovation in the UK has always been strong and there is no shortage of innovative ideas in SME’s and in our world class universities.

We need to match our great technical ideas to sound business models and then source sufficient capital to implement the developments.

Big Ideas in Solar, in London, on October 6th aims to bring together solar energy entrepreneurs and their counterparts in the financial and investment community to discuss ideas and find ways of working together.

The event will commence with presentations from experienced professionals discussing ways to develop business plans, raise capital and deal with the legal issues involved.

We will add to the entertainment by inviting 8 solar entrepreneurs to make 10 minute presentations before 4 experienced investors.

Solar technologists with a business idea they wish to test are invited to join our band of entrepreneurs.

Please send a title and short abstract (100 words or less) for your presentation to Jackie Cannon

Closing date for abstracts is Saturday 12th September 2015.


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Join us at The Kensington Close Hotel, London on the 6th October 2015 for this exciting event

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